Single Hand Contact Water Kettle

ASSIGNMENT: Hot water kettle

CHALLENGE: OXO is one of the best kitchen and household tool manufactures in the US and when we set about designing a water kettle, we targeted OXO as our preferred manufacturer for the product. So we had to create a product that OXO would love to sell to its customers.

SOLUTION: The Uplift represents a complete rethinking of the water kettle. Starting from square one, everything that had been done in the past was put aside and a kettle designed based purely on how it ?should? work. Heat was the central obstacle to overcome and we accomplished this by limiting all hand contact to one place where we could protect the user from burning. The handle became this point of contact. This meant the handle must connect to and operate all necessary functions. The result is a kettle that is safe, smart, and easy to use.

AWARDS: The Uplift water kettle is part of the permanent design collection at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and was the recipient of awards from the following institutions; ID Magazine, Red Dot, The American Society on Aging, and the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design.




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