Loft on a 50 cm Grid

ASSIGNMENT: Cameron Loft. Architecture. Private Residence.

CHALLENGE: Designing a place for someone to live in is a lot like designing the clothes they ware. The architecture has to fit them well and they have to feel good in it, it has to suite their activities and not ware out, it needs to have enough places to hold the things they need to use, and it should become more comfortable the longer they live in it. Along with the experience of the occupants, all these practical elements congeal into a notion of "home," which the space will eventually come to represent. Our job was to provide the practical elements that set the stage for our clients daily lives.

SOLUTION: This small Manhattan loft is designed for a photographer and a designer. One is a collector and the other a minimalist. They often work at home and the space is quite small, a little over 100 sq meters. They were fortunate to have been able to purchase their neighbors studio apartment shortly after purchasing theirs so the combined space was just enough for a bedroom and a large common area that functions as both living, entertaining, and working space.

A large communal table at one end of the room functions for working and entertaining. At the other end of the room a living area combines the functions of library, lounge, and home theater. All of the necessities such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, storage and library are integrated into the perimeter of the room and to tie all these functions together a 50 cm grid was established providing the basis for the design and the unifying element common to all areas in the space. A minimum of furnishing was used to open up the space and this was accomplished by integrating most of the necessities directly into the architecture. The net effect is that this relatively small space seems spacious and both occupants report being quite thrilled every day as they live and work in their small Manhattan loft.


Cameron Residence


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