Corn Stripper

ASSIGNMENT: To innovate a new product that provides a better way to remove corn kernels from the cob.

CHALLENGE: In the kitchen market a niche has been steadily growing for tools involved in the preparation of foods that include corn as an ingredient. This specialty area has been long overlooked and there are opportunities to take a fresh look at how to better approach tools that are specialized for corn.

SOLUTION: There are in existence a variety of tools for this purpose and our client had identified a lucrative market niche comprised of various corn-related products. Nothing had been created that could easily remove corn kernels from the cob. We were challenged by our client to invent something innovative to accomplish this. After extensive testing of existing products a functional issue was revealed to us: all of the current tools for this purpose made a mess because the kernels of corn would pop off as they were striped and distribute themselves randomly across the work surface. Containment emerged as the problem to solve and from our new brief the Corn Stripper was born.

AWARDS: International Design Society




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