Turn Table

ASSIGNMENT: Kitchen Storage Turntable

CHALLENGE: To create a functional market leading storage tool product in a crowded product category

SOLUTION: The turntable is one of the simplest products imaginable with moving parts. Its only objective is to allow you to place objects on it and spin it around so you can reach all of those products easier. So with such rudimentary functional requirements we set about to find the weaknesses in existing products in to make OXO's Turntable the best functioning product available. The First improvement was design an edge that is the most suitable for the user to rotate the product and to make use of OXO's signature soft rubber material to enhance this function. Second, we observed in user research that in a crowded cabinet situation turntables are often pushed against other objects, which creates a situation in which a turntable is hard to rotate because it drags on other adjacent objects. Based on this observation, we solved the problem by adding a "skirt" under the edge of the turntable that is slightly wider and prevents anything from touching the turntable as it spins around and around.

On the technical side we took a close look at how to manufacture the best spinning motion at a low cost. Many of the competing products we observed worked poorly simple because the engineering was careless and not thought through. We carefully analysed all these details so that the OXO turntable would continue to be a big success long into the future.




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