1Oth Anniversery Uplift

ASSIGNMENT: Design an anniversary edition of our popular Uplift water kettle to celebrate 10 years on the market

CHALLENGE: To update and bring even more innovation to one of our most popular products

SOLUTION: So, we already did this once, and after an exhaustive process back in 1999 we launched the Uplift kettle with OXO to much acclaim. Now it's 10 years later and our challenge now is not to make water kettles in general work better, it's to improve upon our own work and make our water kettle better. Part of our process for any product is to keep improving them over time in to make our products work better for our customers. However, this was the first time the word "anniversary" has been attached to a project, which is gratifying since this indicates real success for this product having achieved a consistent market demand that has kept it on sale for over 10 years now. Focusing on environmental concerns that have steadily risen over the past few years, we improved the Uplift by removing all plastic and replacing the heat touch points with cork, a natural material with better heat dissipation properties than any manufactured material. The result works better than the original, and as with all our work, it looks as good as it works.




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