Two-Tier Turntable

ASSIGNMENT: Kitchen turntable

CHALLENGE: To make functional improvements to this common kitchen organisation device

SOLUTION: When a product is already so basic it is quite a challenge to find meaningful ways to improve it. This was certainly the case with this assignment from OXO. Since our work is founded on innovative product solutions we are often asked if there is anything we think we could not bring innovation to. The answer is an emphatic no, and this is the product we refer to as an example of how we make important improvements to even the most simple products.

In this case we observed in our user research that this product was often used in tight an crowded situations and as objects became clustered around the turntable, friction would build up affecting the performance of the product. We reacted to this information and created a design built on a base slightly wider than the rotating surface. this kept other objects from touching the spinning disk and ensured a smooth and consistent performance no matter what the environment.

When we added a second level to increase the storage capacity of the first turntable we again reacted to the many unpredictable situations the product might be placed, and a wide array of products that may be stored within it. Our unique split level adjustable solution makes any user situation the most efficient it can possibly be.




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